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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2013 1:00am-1:30am PST

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will, raise the building, put a shaft down, is fraught with instruction problems due to the water flow problem in the basement pointed out by letter from sav e muni. there are lower cost alternatives. unless this information we don't know about % leave the tunnel-boring machines buried, under the pagoda theatre or extract them from the chinatown station. extracting them or burying them at chinatown would save 80 million dollars. by doing that it would not
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impact the people, residents, businesses of north beach. when you consider the use of this building for an extraction site it should be denied. i think it is an expensive project. it is disruptive. there are a lot better alternatives. thank you for your time. >>: and if further general public comment? seeing none general public comment is closed. >>: this will place you under your regular calendar. items 10 a-c have been continued to feb. 14. items 4 and 5 have been pulled. >>: request from commissioner antonini. >> commissioner antonini: i ask for a recusal from 3110 octavia.
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my dentist's office is within 500 feet. i ask for recusal. >>: move to recluse commissioner antonini. >>: second. >> commissioner borden: aye >> commissioner moore: aye >> commissioner sugaya: aye >> president wu: aye. >>: so moved. >>: michelle- planning staff. 3110 octavia st., request by at&t to install fiber wire.
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the mail notice calls it as a northeast corner. the general language has been updated. proposed facility consits up to nine antennas. staff has received no public comment and staff is recommending approval with conditions. i am available for questions. thank you. >>: does -- have a presentation?
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>>: project sponsor do you have a presentation or should we take public comment? >>: we have a couple of different sites. good morning my name is -- with at&t. director of external affairs. joined by -- who conducted the radio frequency report. the testing and report included in your packet.
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i am also joined today by town consulting and colling azagerian (sounds like) project managers for this location. at&t is seeking your approval to install 12 panel antennas. under the city's wireless guidelines located at octavia and lombard. with the america's cup anticipated traffic in that area. we have experienced exceptional growth, upwards of --.
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one thing will learn about the super bowl, traffic surged 80 percent over last year. between 8-9 p.m. when the lights went out, our customers used 78 gigabytes of data inside the superdome equivalent to 234 social media messages or 10 days of streaming video. 73,000 voice calls made. it is clear that our world is changing. we have increased growth on our networks day in and day out. we are upgrading our network as you know everyday in the city and around our territory to account for those customer
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needs. we look for your support in approval of the site. i want to thank department staff and michelle for their time and energy spent on the site. thank you. >> commissioner wu: let's open up for public comment. ms. duffy? >>: my name is joy duffy, i lived in arena and -- area for over 50 ye in. arsi find that the number of antennas seems to be excessive. i also don't have cable. i rely entirely as a senior with limited funds on the
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mountain davison antenna, i get 30+ stations. i question if i will get any reception with a 12 antennas on top of this hotel. i also have a health issue. -- i think that we should know the health issues concerned especially with 12 of these antennas on top. i presently could not afford cable.
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if i lose mount davison i am in a financial situation that i cannot handle. i vote no. i thank you for your attention. >> commissioner wu: any other comment? public comment is closed. >>: one correction. >>: commissioner borden. >> commissioner borden: if you have any sort of, ms. duffy, any sort of interference at&t can get readings from your home. if there is a new sort of radio frequency. our purview is in the planning and aesthetic issues.
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this is an area where we learned that because of interesting topography in san francisco antennas are needed every couple of blocks. cell phone networks were built in a way anticipating people using their cell phones outdoors not indoors. in terms of health issues the health department would be the place to go for that. at our level of review, there were other sites and most were worse preference sites. the antennas are 56 feet above. i moved to approve. >>: second.
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>> commissioner sugaya: on the motion and second to approve. >>: >> commissioner borden: >> commissioner sugaya: aye >> commissioner wu: aye >> commissioner hillis: aye >>: on that the motion passes 5-0. >>: the proposal before you is conditional use permit for 1520 stockton street, on the east side near green st., and columbus avenue. consists of 9 existing antennas. the facility is proposed in a location preference new the north beach special
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use district, the north beach special restricted use district, and -- staff has received a petition with four signatures opposed to the project because of health concerns. staff recommends approval with conditions for this project. >> commissioner wu: thank you. >>: good afternoon commissioners, terry -- again with at&t. joined today by -- we are seeking your approval to install 9 panel antennas, preferred location under the wireless guidelines. stockton near greenstreet with a lot of foot traffic.
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it picks up a lot of traffic as you know. we are looking to seek your approval on the site. i thank planning department staff for their help. >> commissioner wu: public comment? one speaker card. daniel short. >>: my name is daniel schwartz, longtime resident of north beach, eight years software engineer and vice president of the villa north beach homeowners association. i am confused about the intention for this facility. the public notice mentioned that is a change of ownership;
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nine new towers. now they look like they're moving three panels. now they look like they are installing. not sure what this is addressing. if the case is addressing installing 9 new panels - i am also a longtime at&t customer - you need to consider that. if you go to there are over 35 antennas. you should consider piggybacking. if new towers are proposed.
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there are also reports -- a lot of small, tiny antennas, the size of a hand with pick up 90 percent of total cell tower deployment by 2015. if you are approving at&t's control of the facility that is fine if there are existing antennas but please put in the conditions that any further towers should be approved in the same process otherwise you are getting authorization for a corporation to install additional antennas in an older infrastructure which saves money but does not take our public interest at heart especially consider the neighborhood, washington state park, peter paul church, foot traffic, children that play, people that like to relax and read. people work there.
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having a lot of radiation going is an issue. if this case is to prove new towers you should deny that. in the case is simply moving these panels that is up to you but not that this is a medical service facility with chinese immigrants. i don't know that they know that they're being treated for medical issues with cell phone towers raining around them. >>: the property owner has to consent and pay rent. the medical center, the people who own the medical center, are choosing the antennas. the other thing is this is actually correcting the permit issue.
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they originally filed for a permit for the nine antennas in 1992; then the building inspection and process went through but the permit expired, and signing guidelines changed. this is basically to legalize the 9 antennas; of those 9, three are being moved. this is upgrading 3 antennas, i guess. maybe ms. -- can clarify that. it is making legitimate all 9 antennas; it is not a new addition. it is not going to change the current frequency. there are a lot of antennas. not all cell phone providers
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seem to have same type of antennas. hopefully that will change. for the purpose i moved to approve the condition. >>: second. >> commissioner antonini: i had a question raised in the last item that i heard when i was in the other room. maybe i could have the rep from at&t or the expert from cell phones come up and answer the question. i am not sure if it was answered during the last hearing. there was a speaker concerned about reception. i want to know if there are any issues. if the antennas are close enough to the unit when they
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don't have cable, have there ever been any instances of an interference with the signal because of the antennas? >>: this goes to commissioner borden's question. the fcc allocates radio frequency bands that we are allowed to work with. we all have different frequencies along the spectrum allocated to the different carriers by the fcc. included in that there are wireless spectrum, various tv channel spectrum, there should be no interference because they'll work on different spectrums. if she does experience we will be happy to come out and look at it
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and measure whether or not, maybe we will do a before and after or something. that should be no radio frequency interference with television channels. these nine panels to clarify have been on the building. we are just relocated three of those. >> commissioner antonini: i realize it is just a relocation but i use this as an opportunity to get an answer to a question that does influence a lot of people because there is a significant number of the population could does not have cable. i can speak from personal experience that if you have cable and insulation of the cable is not thick enough you can have shadows from interference. this can occur but being a different frequencies that
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should not be a problem. thank you for your answer. >>: there is a motion in the second two approval conditions. >> commissioner antonini: aye >> commissioner sugaya: aye >> president fong: aye >> commissioner wu: aye >> commissioner borden: aye. >>: passes 7-0. >>: welcome back to san francisco's london commission regular hearing, fe b 7 2013.
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item 11, 2012.0765c. >>: the project is to allow expansion of the existing limited restaurant on the ground floor at 1441 stockton street. to the previously approved conditional use authorization in march, 2007, it operates as a retail bookstore with a limited restaurant component known as a. cavalli & co. it acquires a conditional use to expand. the department has received one additional comment with concerns alleging the
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business' continued violation. the department has not found the business to be in violation of the conditions of approval based on site visits conducted by the enforcement staff in response to each complaint. elimination of the bookstore and expansion of the restaurant will not result in the loss. the project will not affect the concentration of eating or drinking establishments. the business will not serve alcohol for on-site consumption and the project will enable locally owned and operated businesses to continue serving the north beach community. based on these findings, the department recommends you
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approve the project with conditions. that concludes my presentation and i am available for questions. thank you. >> president fong: project sponsor? >>: good afternoon commissioner fong, commissioners. i'm here to represent santo esposito. i have 16 additional letters of support that i would like to submit. >>: what is your name? >>: darcy brown. we are open for questions. i think the presentation said everything. mr. esposito is from italy, came to this country; work as a waiter in restaurants, saved his money and bought this business and would like to offer sandwiches and expand experience for his patrons.
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>> president fong: thank you. we may have questions for you later. >>: i'm opening up for public comment. two speaker cards. vincenzo // >>: i am a longtime resident of north beach, for about eight years. i was amazed one morning walking to the bus stop to see this new place is open up. i was born and grew up in italy. since then i go to -- i know how hard it is to survive on a couple of tables
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and a limited menu. i'm here to speak for him. i would like for him to get this permit approved to expand his business are able to offer more choices. i'm sure his customers will appreciate it. so we don't see another north beach business closing up. >>: name is miles o'reilly, in business for 20 years in north beach. it is important to realize that there are many passionate restauranteurs; santos, whom i have known for the last 20 years, watching him
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first as a waiter, which i was myself, watching him with his family. i have known santos to be in extremely passionate man. trying to survive unlimited menu. he has already had great reviews about some of the canolis and desserts that he has brought to the table; he is well-liked around the neighborhood. i'm here to support him. we don't want any business in northeast of close. he's a wonderful person. it's really wonderful. we will likely support and grant his permit and reviving the tradition of -- santos, the old
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black-and-white photograph, the historical significance of -- brought to north beach. >> president fong: any additional public comment on this item? seeing none the public comment portion is close. >> commissioner borden: the reviews are very positive. we understand they are changing dynamics in the market. we would like to see a bookstore to remain as barnes & noble and borders have found in the era of kindles and ipads, bookstores are not as viable. i think one day they will be retro, not today. it sounds like from the letters
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that he runs his business with his family well and i moved to approve with conditions. >>: the support of all the restaurant owners and business owners in the area as well as an overwhelming number of residents who have signed the petition makes a lot of sense. it makes it viable and allows them to continue. i am supportive. >> commissioner sugaya: the staff that this is already an eating establishment and does not increase the number of eating establishments. but it is not an eating establishment. we approved an accessory use to a bookstore with limited seating. how the staff can find that this place is not in violation is beyond me.


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